Four Easy and Free Ways Anyone Can Help Animals

Amazon Prime


Humanitarian Lilian Varga is dedicated to helping people, animals, and the environment. As part of her commitment to the welfare of animals, Lilian Varga offers her time and money in support of a number of organizations.

There are many ways to help animals without spending a dime or giving up your time. Consider the following:

1. Link your Amazon Prime account and various rewards cards to your favorite animal charity. Amazon Prime donates a small portion of purchases to charities when users sign up for Amazon Smile. Many other companies offer similar programs through their customer loyalty cards.

2. Use a mobile app like Charity Miles or WoofTrax. These apps allow users to earn money for animal-centric charities by logging miles as they run, jog, or walk.

3. Donate your birthday or holiday. Instead of accepting gifts for your next special occasion, ask friends and loved ones to contribute to your favorite animal charity instead.

4. Be an ethical consumer. Consider purchasing products that are not tested on animals or cutting back on food items that come from animal sources.