Lilian VargaLilian Varga is a Florida resident who maintains a fitness-focused lifestyle and has a longstanding passion for athletics. Having grown up in Sweden, she earned a tennis scholarship to attend university in the United States. Lilian Varga visits the gym regularly and has maintained a mostly vegetarian diet over the past year. A favorite eatery in Pensacola is a Mexican restaurant that serves authentic fajitas. She also makes smoothies at home.

Ms. Varga’s activities extend to caring for animals, and she and her friend rescued and fostered a puppy that is now 18 months old and has potential to become a service dog. She looks forward to having this highly intelligent pet, now neutered and current on shots, find a loving home.

Lilian Varga’s professional background extends to the sales arena, and she has engaged with a number of companies in successful corporate campaigns. Her current volunteer activities are focused on promoting the humanitarian Project 360°: Far Out Kids World Tour, which seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable children in countries such as Costa Rica and Jamaica.